Classic 20-Ton Electric Press

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Emboss, texture, bend, form, shape and cut metal using hydraulics instead ;of muscle power with the classic Bonny Doon 20-ton hydraulic press. This press performs all the tasks of a stamping press punch & die sets, forming hammers, anvils and stakes—and completes each task faster and more evenly with less finishing required and with no marring or damaging of metals. With electrically powered hydraulics, the Bonny Doon classic delivers 20 tons of force, conforming metal to the shape of the die placed in the platens of the press.

Each Bonny Doon Classic press package includes:

  • One 20-ton manual Bonny Doon hydraulic press.
  • A press frame welded from heavy-gauge, 2"-square steel tubing
  • Platens of 1"-thick steel; the upper platen is welded to the frame, ;the lower platen is self-leveling for consistently even impressions.
  • Pre-drilled, integrated mounting feet that allow you to bolt the press directly to a workstation if desired.
  • Return springs that are hidden inside the frame to protect the operator as well as to protect the springs.
  • 10,000psi pressure gauge that provides a visual indication of pressure being generated, allowing for accurate repeat cycles.
  • T-handle and jack handle to open and close the release valve.





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