Pro 25-Ton Electric Press

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The Pro models are engineered to better meet the accuracy needs of production and one-of-a-kind designers and metalsmiths. On the Pro, the hydraulic ram is placed on top of the frame, allowing more room between the platens for deeper draws and greater versatility; its stroke is a full 8.5"—3" longer than other models. A precision steel post and bushing system guides the platens up and down with extraordinary accuracy (to 50 millionths of an inch) for precise repeatability of die patterns. The platens offer an array of threaded holes, allowing you to attach fixturing jigs and clamp tools easily. Now also available in a 55-ton model, the Bonny Doon Pro delivers more power, greater control and guaranteed repeatability to production-run metalsmiths as well as providing a versatile, user-friendly forming press for the one-of-a-kind artisan.

When necessary, the platens and guide post assembly can be removed, leaving the entire press area open for deep-drawing applications.





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